The Denver Cowl (Pattern Review)

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Completed Denver Cowl pattern from DomiknitsCreations

Hello crafters! I have another review for you today. This one is for a crochet cowl that a very talented lady asked me to review for her. Dominique is the owner of Domiknits Creations and she makes amazingly cute crochet pieces that she sells on her Etsy. She also offers some crochet patterns for those who want to make something themselves!

Pattern: This review is for the Denver Cowl from Domiknits Creations.

Yarn: Worsted (I used LB Wool-Ease®)

Hook: 6.5mm (I used 7mm to get gauge)

Started – Finished: March 20, 2017 – March 23, 2017

About the Pattern

The Denver Cowl pattern creates a drapey, mesh cowl that is perfect for almost any cold month of the year. It utilizes simple stitches and an easy to follow pattern to make the cozy little neck warmer. With a moderately sized hook and worsted weight yarn, this cowl works up quick and very fluffy.


I originally intended to complete this pattern with a super cute, (unknown) textured yarn that I had in my stash, but I soon found out that it wasn’t enough yarn. I switched over to some LB Wool-Ease® that I had left over from a hat I made a few years ago. This is a thinner worsted yarn (probably closer to aran), so I made a few adjustments to make it work for the pattern.

The pattern calls for a 6.5mm hook, but I bumped up to a 7mm to get a better gauge. The 6.5 worked really well for the chunkier yarn I wanted to use at first, but not so much for the thinner Wool-Ease®. I crochet pretty tight and I wanted the cowl to have some drape to it.

Working the Pattern

This cowl pattern is extremely beginner friendly and works up very quick. The alternating pattern of rows is quick to memorize and provides a lot of room for customization. For this review, I wanted to stick as close to the patten as possible, but I did make a few adjustments to fit my personal tension.

As I mentioned before, the first adjustment I made was using a slightly bigger hook than the pattern called for. The second adjustment I made was adding a few stitches in the foundation chain. The pattern calls for a 9″ tall FO, and my tight gauge was making it only about 7″. I added 10 stitches to the original chain, then followed the pattern as instructed.

Finished Object

I absolutely love this cowl. It’s lightweight yet still warm, and I see so many possibilities for this pattern. I have a few more skeins of Wool-Ease® that I’ve had no freaking clue what to do with that I’m probably going to use to experiment with this cowl pattern some more.

Overall I love how easy the pattern was to follow and memorize. It worked up pretty quick, and I love quick patterns. When I’m able to complete a new project quickly it helps boost my motivation for working on any of my projects. This was a real breath of fresh air in comparison to some of the more time-consuming projects I’ve been working on lately.

I hope you’ll take some time to check out Doninique’s Etsy Shop and see all of the patterns and finished items she has to offer!

I’m going to cuddle up in my lovely new Denver Cowl and get working on some new projects 🙂

Difficulty: A perfect beginner pattern. Easy basic stitches create an interesting pattern and texture.
Readability: Very readable! She even included quick instructions for each of the stitches used throughout the pattern.
Interest: Alternating rows always makes a project fun to work on. I feel like it built quickly and I had a lot of fun with working on it.
Finished Object: This cowl is lovely. I love the drape, versatility, and weight. Definitely getting filed under my favorite patterns!

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