I don’t like legal jargon and technical sounding disclaimer pages, so I’m just going to be straight with you here:

Affiliate Links

I use affiliate links on this site in some of my blog posts. I use these links to generate a bit of income from my blogging efforts through small commission percentages. These links are pretty obvious. I will almost always use the full product name as the link, and even include some trademark symbols if they have them. If you click the links I provide in my posts and purchase the materials for the project that way, I do get a little kick back from the website.

You by no means are or should feel obligated to purchase your materials this way.

It’s entirely optional, but just know that it does make a difference for me, and doesn’t require anything additional from you if you were going to purchase your materials from said site anyways.

Affiliate links and commission sales help me to monetize my blog which in turn gives me more freedom to write on the blog. If you enjoy my tutorials and articles, I do ask that you consider using the links I place in my posts to purchase your project materials.


You’ll notice a few advertising banners around my website. These are all managed by me, personally. I hand pick every advertiser from those who submit ad requests from me. Only relevant ads are chosen, and they pay me directly. I do not use a 3rd party advertising company.

Some of the ads on my site are also my own affiliate link banners. Using these banners is the same as using the links within my posts to navigate to other websites. If you use a banner and make a purchase, I do get a small commission.

Information Provided

I am not what you would consider an “expert” in any of the crafts I blog about. I have many years of experience gained via my own research and teaching myself a variety of fiber art skills. My methods may work for some people, and not work for others. Part of learning a creative skill is finding your own personal comfort zone and methods for crafting. I’m always available to answer any questions I can if you’re unclear about something I wrote. Do not hesitate to leave a comment on a post or send me a message to get answers.


I sell items on my site using a WordPress plugin called WooCommerce. I process payments exclusively through PayPal. This is both because it’s incredibly simple for me to manage, and also because it’s very secure for my customers. PayPal is a highly trusted company that has been in the payment processing business for many years. They offer all kinds of great security measures and features that I’d never sell online without.

All sales on my site are subject to additional costs like sales tax and shipping, unless otherwise stated. I try very hard to keep costs low while still making a reasonable profit for my time and effort. Because of this, I’m constantly looking for the most efficient and cost effective way to provide you with my products, so sometimes prices need to change. I will always try and alert customers of price changes, but just keep in mind that they may happen.

**This is an on-going page that changes from time to time, as new changes are made to the overall website.**