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Our hands can do amazing things. Probably the most amazing thing our hands can do is create. With our hands we can create art, craft practical items, cook food, feel textures, convey language or emotion, and so much more. Your hands can do some seriously amazing things.

Made by Hand is a blog run by Rachel, an artist in Pittsburgh, PA. This blog is devoted to encouraging and inspiring you to work and create with your hands. Here you will find resources for learning a new skill, tutorials for honing an old one, and thought provoking articles about handmade and artistic culture.

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“The world always seems brighter when you’ve just made something that wasn’t there before.”

-Neil Gaiman

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Markets & Events

Hey Pittsburgh! I’m now participating in select markets and events around the greater Pittsburgh area. Come see me and my handmade products in person, talk to me about maker stuff, or just hang out and say hello! Click the button below to see all of my upcoming events.

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