Made by hand, with love.


My name is Rachel

Jill of Many Trades \\ Master of None

I’ve spent a good portion of my life learning as much about various forms of art as possible and slowly molding this knowledge into a personal taste and style. This blog was created as a way to document and nurture this process by allowing me to share my experiences and save them to look back on later. I focus primarily on fiber arts because I love the satisfaction that comes along with creating something wearable and functional. My mother taught me the basics of sewing at a fairly young age, and I later learned to crochet, and finally to knit. I also have a background in illustration, and I work as a freelance graphic designer.

I love the idea of teaching others the skills I’ve honed over the years and knowing that I can give someone else the satisfaction I feel when I make something myself. I’ve begun working on designing patterns, writing tutorials, and sharing my own experiences in hope to inspire others and leave my mark on the creative community.

This Blog

is meant to inspire and teach those who are interested in learning to create. I document my own explorations, write short essays about happenings in the maker community, provide instructions for fellow creatives to enjoy, and so much more.

I originally wrote on a blog called “Footprints on the Moon” that was focused on my own experiences. I wrote a few quick tutorials that soon gained more traction than I thought they ever would and decided that my writing should be for more than just my own documentation. Sharing knowledge and inspiring others has become my #1 priority with blogging, so I decided to rebrand the blog in order to better suit that need.

Made by Hand encompasses everything this blog is about – enjoying and learning to work with your hands. I write primarily for my readers to learn and think about their creative process. My posts are meant to inspire and make you explore your own ideas, techniques, and even opinions.

Posting Schedule:

MONDAYS: Updates & Announcements
WEDNESDAYS: Pattern releases / New shop listings – The shop will be updated every Wednesday, so if you see an announcement about a new pattern on a Thursday or Friday,  you can expect it to be listed in the shop the following Wednesday.
FRIDAY – SUNDAY: Tutorials, Reviews, Etc. – Any reviews, tutorials, or random project posts will be posted on the weekend. Multiple posts may come out on the same weekend, but never the same day.

The Store – Now Open!

I write on this blog for fun. I wholeheartedly enjoy sharing my knowledge with others, however it does take a large portion of my free time to do it. I offer many items in my store to help support my hobby and also to give something back to my readers.

The primary reason I decided to add a store onto my site was to sell patterns, but I also offer “maker” novelties that I’ve designed myself. The maker community is a very vibrant group of people that is growing every day. I wanted to use my graphic design expertise to give fiber artists a way of expressing their love for their art. Every purchase from my store helps me to devote more time to giving back to my readers. Your t-shirt or tote bag purchase could turn into the yarn I need to develop my next pattern or the materials I need for a new DIY tutorial post. I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my posts and support me in this venture. It makes me so happy to know that I can make someones day more exciting with a healthy does of creative inspiration.

I want to extend a huge thank you to all of my readers, supporters, and friends. I wouldn’t have started this blog without you!

Always Keep Creating,

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