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When you think of a small business, the first thing that may come to mind is being run by one or few people. Many of their wares are handpicked or handmade. They don’t have multiple store locations, and they might even only sell through an online shop like Etsy. These are the businesses we’re talking about when we say “shop small” or “shop local”. These are the people who are putting themselves out to the world and trying to make a name for themselves. They don’t want to be stuck behind a desk, working day in and day out with little or no recognition. They would rather make something meaningful with their time and somehow change the world they live in.

If this sounds like you, you’re one of the entrepreneurial spirits that makes up the beautiful community of makers and artisans that I like to call home. This community is vibrant, inclusive, innovative, and strong. Being a part of it has helped me in countless ways, both as a business owner and as a person.

My “day job” is not being a fiber artist, rather it’s being a graphic designer. I spend most of my days at my computer turning shapes and letters into useful graphics for other people to use to promote their businesses. Recently I’ve wondered if the maker community could benefit from the work that I do, if it was more accessible. The issue with design services is that they’re often expensive—and with good reason. They take a lot of time from the artist in the form of planning, researching, designing, and consulting. On the other hand, many makers and artisans don’t have the money that is typically required for custom, personal graphic design work because they are just starting out, or their business is just a side gig.

This barrier of cost often makes it hard for makers to bring their business dreams to reality. They’re forced to either DIY their needs, or rely on cookie-cutter services to develop brand essentials like their logo, business cards, packaging, and more. Those routes can prove to be pretty restrictive for a creative person, and learning to use design software can be extremely intimidating. That’s why I’ve decided to offer straightforward, affordable, custom graphic design services to makers in need. I’ve been fortunate to be able to create my own graphic needs with the skills and design programs I’ve gained over the years. I want to make that accessible to others who are looking to take their small business to the next level.

Get a completely custom logo for your business by working in a collaborative process to make it as unique as you are. We’ll work together through font selection, colors, and imagery to make the perfect logo to become the face of your business.

Let me help you design everything you need to package your handmade products! From tags to display cards, and everything in between. Let’s work on bringing your brand to the next level with retail packaging that will draw in your market customers.

Step up from laying out your original patterns in Word. I’ll design a completely original layout that accommodates all of the features you want to include in your pattern. There’s no limit to how your pattern can be laid out when it’s designed fully custom!

Promote your products, business, or upcoming event/market on social media in style. Photos only say so much when you’re advertising something awesome! Get a custom designed graphic with ad information that you can use for promotion on Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Need t-shirts or stickers for your business? These simple promo products can help build your “army” of fans and encourage them to spread the love of your business. I’ll help setup your files and get them print-ready for any unique product you need to have printed.

If you work markets and shows, you know that most booths have signage to help customers see their brand. I can help design and layout signage for your entire booth. From large logo signs, to small table signage, I’ll help your booth speak for itself.

Have a graphic design need not listed here? Feel free to reach out to me and discuss any design projects and I’ll see how I can help!

Need something more intense? I work the talented folks over at Thought Space Designs who create fully custom websites and beautiful brands!

What I Have to Offer

I’ve been working as a graphic designer since 2011 with a wide variety of clients in different industries. Although it pays the bills, designing for businesses like financial advisors and dentists can get a little repetitive. Most of my favorite design projects happen when I’m doing them for Made by Hand. The design styles that are popular and effective for the maker community are what I really enjoy creating! It’s because of this and the need for affordable custom design that I’ve decided to offer reduced cost services to other makers and artisans.

I want to help you fulfill your maker dreams with a professional logo you can be proud to call your own. Click HERE to view my design portfolio.

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