Handmade Scrunchies


80s and 90s babies rejoice! Scrunchies are making a comeback! Decorate your ponytail with a little piece of your childhood with these handmade, fabric scrunchies. They make great bracelets and accessories too!



Each scrunchie is handmade with beautiful fabric and durable elastic. The eclectic fabric used for each scrunchie is scrap fabric from other sewing projects or fabric remnants, so you can feel good knowing no waste was created in the making of these scrunchies.

Wear your scrunchie the classic way around a simple ponytail, or use it to dress up a messy bun. Let your hair down and keep it on your wrist as a cute bracelet!

Each set of scrunchies is handpicked based on the style and quantity you choose. Choose between packs of 3 or 5 scrunchies, then select your style preference. Choose from these fun themes to match your personal style:

  • Floral – Includes any type of floral print fabric. Ranges from large, realistic floral to small, dainty floral prints.
  • Bold – Bold, eclectic patterns like abstract prints, neon colors, animal prints, and anything that stands out!
  • Plain (Colors) – Solid, plain colored scrunchies ranging anywhere within in the ROYGBIV spectrum.
  • Plain (Neutrals) – Solid, plain colored scrunchies ranging from blacks, greys, and whites to tans, beiges, and browns.
  • Pastel – Any color of the rainbow, but delicate and pastel. Can include a mixture of solid and printed fabrics.
  • Stripes & Spots – Patterned fabric with any variety of stripes or dots.
  • Textured – Scrunchies made from fun, textured fabrics such as linen, lace, velvet, chiffon, and more.
  • Seasonal (Fall) – A pack of fall holiday print scrunchies! Each set will have a mix of generic fall (leaves, pumpkins), Halloween, and Thanksgiving themed fabrics.
  • Seasonal (Winter) – A pack of winter holiday themed scrunchies! Each set will have a mix of generic winter (snowflakes, pine trees), Christmas, and New Years themed fabrics.
  • Seasonal (Summer) – A pack of summer-inspired scrunchies. Enjoy your favorite things about summer from fruit prints, to vibrant colors.
  • Seasonal (Spring) – A pack of spring holiday themed scrunchies! Each set will have a mix of generic spring (flowers), Easter, and St. Patrick’s Day themed fabrics.
  • SpookyCOMING SOON!
  • Glitz & GlamCOMING SOON!
  • Surprise Me! – I will handpick a mix of cute scrunchies from any of the categories above to give you a unique set of cute hair ties! During certain times of year, and depending on stock, specific holiday themed fabrics will be included in the surprise mix!

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Please note that not all styles are available at all times. Seasonal styles are typically available when they are in season, but other styles depend on fabric availability. If you’d like to order of a style that is not in stock, please feel free to get in touch via email at and we can work out a custom order just for you!
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Floral, Bold, Plain (Colors), Plain (Neutrals), Pastel, Stripes & Spots, Textured, Seasonal (Summer), Seasonal (Fall), Seasonal (Winter), Seasonal (Spring), Surprise Me!