Logo Project: Uncharted Indigo

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Hey! I’m so glad you’re here! This is a really exciting post because it’s not only showing you my first completed logo for Made by Hand, but it’s also a logo I got to do for my best friend. Brianna has been my best friend since 2nd grade (which was like, 20-ish years ago now?), and I love that she started doing fiber arts and sharing her creations with me. I decided she needed a rad logo to go with her rad business name, so I donned my graphic designer cap and whipped up this beauty for her to brand her handmakes with.

Uncharted Indigo was such a fun name to create a logo for. I played with symbolism that ranged from moon and stars to compasses and plants. We settled on this simple, bohemian-vibe stamp that boasts an organic, handmade feel with a simple plant icon:

The process for this logo was the same as I do for all of my design projects. This includes tons of back and forth communication and an interactive process where you get to see the logo morph along the way. I started with trying out some cool fonts, then discussed what type of symbolism would be best to brand her business. From there I go through the first round of concepts that are drastically different from one another. This allowed her to choose what design style we should explore more without wasting time on the ones she didn’t like.

The second round of concepts goes over a few variations of the same style, but may be different layout and symbolism. I also begin to play with color at this stage.

Once a direction is picked from the second round, all of the other revisions are geared towards refining and perfecting the logo to be everything you want. We will work on tweaks to the font, colors, and any other small details you see that need to be corrected to make it absolutely perfect!

Lastly, the logo is finalized and wrapped up and sent to you! I include a variety of file types and sizes so that your logo is ready to use in any situation you need. (If you need additional files, just reach out to me and ask!)

Design for a business doesn’t end with the logo. I love to be able to work on keeping your business looking its best, so if you need additional design services, I hope you’ll consider me again! Check out all of my graphic design services here.

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