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I Made My Own Clothing Labels

patch label attached to a crochet cowl

With fall quickly approaching, many crafters and makers are prepping for autumn craft shows and stocking their online shops where they will be selling their handmade goods to the masses. When creating your inventory for your shop or a show, every detail counts – especially the finishing touches! Today we’re going to talk about a […]

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Crochet · Knitting · Miscellaneous

Quick Tips For Working With Yarn Fringe

Hi everyone. Can you believe it’s February already? Yeah, me either… I’ve been working on the second free pattern for my Back to Basics Collection, and it happens to include one of my favorite finishing accents ever – fringe! While I was very excited about adding fringe, I quickly ran into 2 major problems that I wanted to […]

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DIY Doggie Car Hammock

Summer is finally here, in Pennsylvania, and with it comes lots of trips to the dog park! My boyfriend and I recently purchased a new car and our first concern was the safety of our pitbull, Illy while the second concern was keeping the car clean! I recently stumbled across an awesome DIY on Pinterest [...]
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Fixing Shrunken Clothing

We've all seen it happen or experienced it at least once in our lives. You buy a brand new clothing item that you fall in love with. It fits just right, it looks freaking awesome on you, and you make a vow right there in the store to never, ever put it in the dryer... [...]
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DIY Dress Ideas #2

More DIY Dress Ideas
Wow, it's been a while since my last post! I've been super busy over at Thought Space Designs doing cool graphic design stuff and haven't been sharing enough love over here on my blog. Sorry about the long silence, guys. Here's a new inspiration post about DIY dress ideas: I really enjoyed making my last [...]
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